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About Myself

Founder of “Transforming Leaders from the Inside Out” and the Principal at Njeri Muchunu Global Limited.


BA Psychology – USIU-A

LL.B – United Kingdom

LPC – United Kingdom

Higher Diploma in Law – Kenya School of Law

AML/CFT Expert

Speaker and Coach

TLIO Profile

I am excited to walk this journey with you. Like my mentor and friend John C. Maxwell says:

Everything rises and falls on leadership

Great leaders of great organizations understand that it all starts with them. Leadership must be able to articulate what is expected and walk the talk in terms of their own behavior. They must be willing to hold people accountable to living ~ or not living ~ to those expectations.

The clearest voice people hear is a leader’s actions ~ not their words! Together, as leaders, we can make this world a better place and we will transform our people’s hopes into possibilities!

I envisage living in a Society where Leaders create an inspiring vision of the future that resonates and motivates people to fully engage in that vision. Because of this, I remain a student of personal growth. Why? Because once I am wholly Self-Aware, I am able to intuitively connect with others on multiple levels thereby impacting their lives, lives of communities and thereafter nations.

There is no greater mission for me. There is no higher calling than to help Leaders understand their potential and equip them to live a life of significance. To help them tap into the Core of their why therein awaken in them the realization of who they are and what they are here for!

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