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What will a Gentleman’s Only Mastermind Group do for you?

A mastermind group is a cohort of people who meet regularly to push themselves towards their goals, hold each other accountable and tackle emerging challenges together in a safe haven.

Why do you work hard? Is it easy to identify a reason, or is the question undeserving of a singular answer? Whatever causes you persist and push yourself to questionable limits, whatever prompts you to wake up before dawn and maneuver your way through the busy traffic, we are willing to bet it may be deeply rooted in the philosophy of Prosperity.

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In every cultural and social system, men are struggling to find their place in a rapidly changing world. In many societies, the dramatic shift in the status of women, the workplace and cultural roles has left a significant number of men confused, disillusioned, angry, frustrated and traumatized. Yes, the male of this cyber-technical, internet-driven, post modern world is caught up in a world-wide web of confusion.

Change often catalyzes uncertainty resulting in some form of fear and anxiety. Some men have confused their cultural, social and contemporary roles with the definition of manhood. However, this has proven to be one of the major causes of internal dissonance. Why? Because as the roles
evolve, so too, does a man‘s image of himself.

How do we measure a man? What is true manhood? How do you define masculinity? What is true male sexuality? What is the true purpose of the male in relation to the female? Is there a universal definition of manhood? Can it be attained? Where do we go to derive, then exemplify this definition?

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This 12 week program is for mature men, leaders, influencers who make things happen. The men, the committed few dedicated to leaving a legacy by leading themselves first.

During the 12 week FOR MEN ONLY Mastermind Group, participants will discuss diverse topics including:

1. The three elements that make a man ie. Priority, Position and Vision.
2. Success without a successor is pedestrian. The quality of a true leader is what happens in your absence. So what will your legacy be?
3. Leadership is not about control but service. It’s not about power but empowerment. It’s not about manipulation but inspiration.

Together we will unpack and get a full understanding what it means to be a man with a Purpose leading in a Patriarchal society and living in Prosperity.



DURATION: 12 Weeks
WEEKLY MEETING: Every Friday, 07:00 – 09:00 a.m
VENUE: Simba Corp -Aspire Centre, Westlands
START DATE: 17th January 2020


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    How Masterminding Works

    A Mastermind is a small group of peers who share similar interests and goals. They meet on a regular basis to discuss issues or problems that members are facing, brainstorm solutions, and support each other.

    With the right group, you are surrounded with like-minded people who understand your mission and encourage you to pursue your goals.

    Napoleon Hill, in his classic book Think and Grow Rich, introduced the term “master mind”. Mastermind groups have been used throughout history, however, he explained it as follows:

    The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

    No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind, (the master mind).

    As a member of a mastermind group, you tap into the wisdom of a group of leaders. You are exposed to different perspectives, and draw on diverse skills and experiences. You get insights, advice, support, shorten your learning curve, set goals, solve problems, and are held accountable. You benefit by gaining a clarity of focus, getting inspired, and making better decisions.

    • Because you want to grow both professionally and personally;
    • Because you want to brainstorm creative solutions with your peers;
    • Because you want to be held accountable and reach bigger goals;
    • Because you want an encouraging team working on your behalf;
    • Because you want to be supported and are willing to be supportive to the other members too;
    • Because you want to break out of your box and reach new levels of success; and
    • Because you can commit to attending and participating in the meetings.

    The meeting starts with everyone in the group sharing a success they had since the last meeting. Then there may be a learning segment to discuss a topic or a chapter from a book. We then have the “Hot Seats” portion of the meeting. We end with everyone sharing learnings from the session.

    A hot seat is where you get the opportunity to address your question or problem with the group. You’re forced to gain clarity about what you are asking, so you can explain it. The rest of the members brainstorm to help provide solutions. You will find that you’ll get more ideas and insights than you can generate on your own. Depending on the number of members and the length of the meeting, a hot seat can last from 5 to 15 minutes.

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