One-on-One Coaching

Through One-on-One Coaching, Njeri Muchunu takes Leaders on a journey of rediscovering themselves and as a result they get clarity on their Purpose and are transformed from Leaders into Agents of Change.


Mastermind Group

A Mastermind Group is a cohort of people who meet weekly to push themselves towards their growth goals, hold each other accountable as well as tackle emerging opportunities and challenges together in a safe haven.



Leadership Spotlighting

Do I want to spotlight gaps and opportunities within my leadership team in a highly engaging yet thought provoking way?


How we impact

Mastermind Group

Do I want to expand my sphere of influence and level of effectiveness in a safe haven that teaches, coaxes and reminds me of all the ethos of authentic leadership, at the same time recasting my vision?



One-on-One Coaching

To the world I seem to have it all together; great job, wonderful family…but I’m slowly dying on the inside. Who can I talk to? If this is you, this program is for you.



Leadership Spotlighting

This is a highly engaging and interactive tool that is designed to help leaders unlock latent potential and identify areas for improvement within their leadership teams.




Our Client Testimonials

  • I believe self awareness is something most of us take for granted. I mean, we were taught about it in primary and all through secondary and now that we are older, we believe we have mastered it. But going through this module, has made me realize that self awareness is a continuous process all through life.Going through the values has made me able not only point out values that describe me as Kate but most importantly values that I would like to work on. Values that I am yet to master and thus probably need to consciously and intentionally work on.Going through the talents and strength has made me realize that I actually have been spending more of my time focusing on my 'weaknesses' rather than my 'strengths'. This is essential in prioritization. I focus more on things that am good at but drain so much energy from me. I love the purposeful reflection. Rarely do I get time to just have some 'me time' to reflect on how my day unfolded, my emotions, my daily achievements, mistakes etc..... So I have resolved to probably get myself a personal journal to purposefully reflect on a daily basis..... 

  • "I can with a lot of confidence, say that I found what I was looking for and more from the course. I attended the course because I was not really sure if the person I project is truly the person I am. I also required help to find out my purpose in life and how I can truly make a dent in the world. I believe I have answers to both questions. The real and difficult work has began, I have no more excuses, I can only act and move with the utmost urgency. I know who I am, I know my purpose, I have tools to guide me through the process, I am rediscovering God and I have a good coach in my corner; Njeri Muchunu"

    Anthony Ng’ang’a Group Marketing, Communications & External Affairs Officer, Safal Group
  • "I attended the Gentleman’s Haven Breakfast - a forum to us men of our role in society, as Leaders and agents of change. The conversations that rent the room were of an impeccable standard, facilitating a verbal and mental exchange amongst high level, credible and experienced men who were also in attendance. These interactions provided me with insights that have proven useful at my place of work; a health-related field. A Gentleman’s Haven also provides the attendee with an excellent networking opportunity, especially since I just launched my own business. Apart from conversations and interactions with fellow attendees, I felt that the facilitators were knowledgeable and engaging. I would, therefore, recommend this event to men who want to rediscover their Purpose and Leadership ambitions."

    Ally Manji Cenegenics Partner, Cenegenics Kenya.
  • "A bumpy, challenging, life-changing experience of total liberation where as a leader you are given the freedom and space to look at yourself in the mirror and see who you have truly become, how you got there and why you are there. You get to ask yourself the hard questions and to focus on you just for a bit. You get to bring down and build up! To get filled up so that when you give, you give from a place of assurance and abundance. A process that helps one course correct, declutter and reminds us of what intentional leadership looks like."

    Syokau Mutunga Team Leader, Camp Winning Ways.
  • "Every leader should go through this training, it is an eye-opener in many ways. I am equipped to be a better leader and will carry along my followers on this journey as I strive to find and fulfil my purpose. The Leadership Gold Mastermind Group class is the best investment in training I ever did; it has opened up my view on Leadership in a way NO other training did before. I am glad to have been part of the attendants of my class who are wonderful people. Thanks to Njeri for stoking my core and bringing me to accountability about my past, present and future, I am grateful for that. Keep creating leaders through your work."

    Mary Maina CFO East Cluster, IPSOS.
  • "The 10 weeks of Mastermind group were really worth the investment – both in terms of time and money. My eyes were really opened and indeed, my journey to transformation got accelerated through deep identification of what I need to work on from the inside to move forward into a more fulfilling life. It is a journey that I believe will make me an overall, better leader – both at work and at home. I look forward to other formats of engagement with T.L.I.O, getting to be a better leader and facing the future with confidence and calmness."

    Enock Wandera Chief Client Officer, IPSOS.
  • The coaching sessions with Njeri Muchunu, helped me address a number of limiting beliefs that hindered my ability to gain clarity on my purpose. I now have clarity of purpose and look forward to walking towards my "true north".

    Joy Juma Portfolio Manager, Maliasili
  • Alice A. Majani Supply Chain Lead – East & Southern Africa, Upfield
  • Rhoda Awinyo California, USA.
  • “A great re - awakening to the fact that leadership must begin with myself. I need to lead myself before I can effectively lead others.”

    Paul Ndemo Deputy Chief Registrar of The Judiciary 2018
  • “The talk was very good. The fact that people were discussing some of the nuggets afterward was an indication that there was something useful they picked up, especially on leadership and tolerance. Well done!”

    Anne A. Amadi Chief Registrar of The Judiciary 2014 to date
  • “Thank you Njeri for taking us through this very transformative journey of self - discovery. Not only has it opened my eyes to my own potential, career wise, but it has opened my eyes to many things in my own personal life. I feel re - energized again and while I continue to be a canvas that is a work in progress, I am loving the painting thus far. You have been blessed and I thank you for blessing us with yourself, your time and your knowledge.”

    Flora Baiya Senior Marketing Manager Consumer Business Unit, Safaricom Limited
  • “The Mastermind Group was very engaging right from the start. It was exciting to get to meet strangers whom I developed respectful and meaningful relationships with as we embarked on a leadership growth journey. The content and discussions were rich and practical. I highly recommend MMG for all who desire to refuel their leadership journey.”

    Joel Macharia National Director, Compassion International
  • “Njeri is a very good communicator. Her mastermind class is an avenue for like - minded people to brainstorm about leadership challenges and share best practice on how to overcome them. It’s a complement to any individual who looks to network with other forward - minded people."

    Jessie Muniu Managing Director, Lexo Energy
  • "My journey with Njeri has been amazing. Discovering my purpose was one big life - changing component for me as a leader. It has helped me realize and understand what motivates and drives me. What I learnt has helped me turn around a rather difficult team into an amazing delivering team leading to several awards and this has been my first year of leadership in a new market. NM leadership services bedrock value of strong Christian faith and integrity is the underlying principle of my successes as a leader."

    Ambrose Tugume Head of Logistics and Customer Order Management, EABL

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