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    Part 1

    1. I believe growing others is best served through growing myself.

    2. I believe as a Leader exhibiting vulnerability is part and parcel of authenticity ergo a strength.

    3. I have clarity of my Purpose and how it shows up across my personal and professional persona.

    4. I believe my set of values carries me further along than my talent and gifting.

    5. I am aware of the role and the benefits that accountability partners play in my life.

    Part 2

    Please note that the scoring differs in this part

    1. I believe my words and intentions enhance my influence more than my actions.

    2. I believe my talent and gifting carries me further along than a set of values.

    3. I believe good intentions are enough regardless of the outcomes.

    4. There is decreasing room for faith-based values in an inclusive environment that promotes diversity.

    5. I believe the successful Leader has broad appeal and affirmation than what they have accomplished.

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    Now to your score

    Total Score


    10 - 20

    You firmly believe that your words, intentions, talents and how the world views you, stand you in good stead. Less importance is placed on the solidity of your declared values and action, hence why investing in managing your public persona contributes significantly to how you think you should be viewed by your stakeholders and wider community at large.

    21 - 30

    You believe that notwithstanding your words, intentions, values, talents and how the world views you, factors beyond your control such as the
    external environment play a major role. You therefore consider it important to keep abreast of the external factors in order to minimize the impact to your words, intentions, values and how your persona reflects.

    31 – 40

    You are not sure whether or not you can transform your talents and values and have them align to a greater purpose. Your titles and accolades are important to you, yet you recognize that there is room for learning. Landing the right balance is your quest and you have begun to ponder on how to go about this.

    41 – 50

    You believe that you can develop your talents and emotional intelligence. You really care about embracing accountability and learning and you don’t mind putting in some investment to make it happen. Performing well matters to you but you also recognize that learning and practising accountability is actually more important than always scoring well and looking good.

    51 – 60

    You firmly believe that you can grow and broaden your Leadership repertoire underpinned by a solid foundation of purpose and values. You love challenges and know that the best way to sustainably succeed is to invest in learning and development opportunities, intentionally evaluating experiences. You don’t mind making mistakes or looking bad in order to grow better.

    Now that you have taken this quiz, what have you learnt about yourself and your Leadership mindset?

    Would you like to discover who you are as a Leader and receive genuine, unbiased feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, without being torn down?

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