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Catherine Wanderi

I believe self awareness is something most of us take for granted. I mean, we were taught about it in primary and all through secondary and now that we are older, we believe we have mastered it. But going through this module, has made me realize that self awareness is a continuous process all through life.Going through the values has made me able not only point out values that describe me as Kate but most importantly values that I would like to work on. Values that I am yet to master and thus probably need to consciously and intentionally work on.Going through the talents and strength has made me realize that I actually have been spending more of my time focusing on my ‘weaknesses’ rather than my ‘strengths’. This is essential in prioritization. I focus more on things that am good at but drain so much energy from me. I love the purposeful reflection. Rarely do I get time to just have some ‘me time’ to reflect on how my day unfolded, my emotions, my daily achievements, mistakes etc….. So I have resolved to probably get myself a personal journal to purposefully reflect on a daily basis….. 

kenmbesaCatherine Wanderi
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