Short Coaching Programs

These short programs are designed to tackle underlying limiting beliefs or themes. From this interventional deep-dive, individuals are better equipped to bridge the gap between where they are, to progressively where they should be. 

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    The following coaching programs are available: 

    Unpacking Pain 

    This coaching program will help you focus on unaddressed pain, unpeel it layer by layer, however discomforting, to enable reconciliation and release from its limiting grip.


    With your coach, you will explore various boundaries and more importantly, understand why having and observing your core boundaries matters. 


    Are you struggling with your relationships; be it with self, family, close confidants, colleagues, a spouse, to mention but a few? This coaching program is for you. 

    Self Esteem
     Life, in all its variety, poses an ongoing threat to self-esteem. Through this coaching program, you will identify the healthy esteem balance that best exemplifies the authentic you.
    Have you experienced first-hand losing a loved one; starting a new role or business; lost a job; become a spouse or even a new parent? This coaching program will help you explore the ways and means available towards managing transitions.
    Identity (Basics)
    Do you feel lost and have no idea who you are? Everyone struggles with some form and shape of existential identity questions. This deep dive to tackle the basics of core identity, is for you. 
    Rather than compartmentalizing your spiritual, physical, financial, social and other life components into distinct boxes, this coaching program will help you understand how all of life interconnects to God seamlessly.